Be Mobile

Bringing over 50 years of hands-on experience!
A turn-key Warehouse Management Software solution proven to bring streamlined mobility giving you the ability to operate 85% of it's functionality from the palm of your hand.

Management Software

Bringing over 50 years of hands-on experience!
Warehouse Management System (WMS) Software for Logistics -- Providing your business with 100% Visibility, Accuracy and Traceability.
Having trouble locating inventory in your warehouse?
Unsure of contents within picked inventory for validation?
Need to maintain mobility while accurately picking?

Visual Pick Warehouse Technology

► Pinpoint inventory locations based on a mapped view of your warehouse
► Validate Inventory contents using distinguishable product imagery
► Completely Mobile to eliminate unnecessary travel time

Warehouse Management Software for a Mobile World

Warehouse Management System Providers for Logistics using optimized warehouse management software (WMS).

A Warehouse Management Software with more to offer than your typical WMS. Collected and collaborated together under the theme of ‘connect™’, these powerful features incorporate with the existing warehouse software in order to streamline and relate all warehouse operations enhancing your ability for mobility, adaptability, improvement and growth.

Successfully enhancing your integrity as a business, our warehouse management system; Wireless Warehouse In A Box™ is a solution engineered for user-friendliness and simplicity by taking manually complex tasks and making them simple. Having your logistics under the control of innovative warehouse management technology gives you the confidence to scale and display your strength as a supply chain provider to potential customers.

As warehousing professionals with decades of supply chain experience, our team is certain this turn-key system will deliver you impenetrable mobility, accuracy and efficiency. The turn-Key Warehouse Management System designed for 3PL (Third Party Logistics)DistributionManufacturingFulfillment and More! Our teams’ priority is assuring that your warehouse business succeeds in the global supply chain.

Choose your vertical to learn more

E-Commerce and Retail

Powerful tools guide automated processes ensuring measurable results. Streamline efficiency with WWIAB™, increasing productivity and improving product velocity while eliminating costly downtime.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

An agile and flexible application providing visibility and collaboration between you and your customers. Using our intuitive 3PL WMS, scale to meet customer needs providing them the information they need when they need it.

Manufacturing & Assembly

Unparalleled traceability across your entire organization through the entire process. Distinguish every action of every ingredient, component, user, and finished product for unparalleled track and traceability.

Food, Pharma & Liquor

Track and traceability across unique product criteria, users, and locations ensuring down to the second historical data capture and reporting. Cost savings and compliance for organizations in heavily regulated industries.

Consulting & Professional Services

Enterprise level experience with boutique level service! Work with our award-winning Professional Services team bringing decades of distribution and warehousing experience to accelerate your growth.

OMNIchannel Integration

Enable your growth with best of breed solutions. WWIAB™ offers seamless connectors to industry leading e-Commerce, CRM and ERP platforms creating the stable bridge between all software solutions.

Turn-key Distribution Management Software, by Systems Logic, capable of providing you with complete visibility, maximized efficiency, and control over your warehouse. WWIAB™ offers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time warehouse management system to ensure successful productivity, reduce costs, shorten fulfillment times, increase customer satisfaction, and provide you with a rapid return on investment.

With a fully integrated storage and billing suite, Wireless Warehouse In A Box™ is capable of handling all the intricacies of multi-client warehouse environments. Our 3rd Party Logistics solution focuses on offering clients complete control over inventory while providing customer’s the information they require. Integration brings in all the distinct customer requirements for fulfillment to ensure accurate throughput and accelerated product velocity.

The evolution of warehousing from pallet in to pallet out, to individual piece picks delivered direct to consumer requires organizations to enhance the way they do business. Systems Logic understands these unique requirements by working with you to accelerate your order to cash processes. Wireless Warehouse In A Box™  plugs into all mainstream shopping cart platforms and  small parcel carrier in order to ensure orders are coming in and going out effectively.

Warehouse Management Software

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Award winning customer support, offering  solutions for distributors, third party warehousing, cold storage manufacturers, fulfillment pick and pack operations.

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Accuracy, Efficient & Visibility


“We have identified accuracy of over 98%, streamlined reporting/billing functions and a standardization process throughout our business model.”

D+S Distribution Inc.

“Our 1st WWIAB inventory resulted in an accuracy rate of 99.9933%. And even better, the outside auditors … noted that their time could be better spent at other facilities.”

JJ Buckley Fine Wines

“we were able to decrease warehousing staff by 30%, while increasing our efficiency and accuracy through our ability to electronically dispatch orders, and have the system guide us through directed pick paths...”

Funrise Toy Corp

“we grew 25% in the first year... and the stress level went down because we were able to manage the business in the warehouse more effectively. Labor costs were down and we had happier employees... making this a win-win.”