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Systems Logic

Bringing over 50 years of hands-on experience!
Proven software from an organization with more than a decade of Cannabis, Pharmaceuticals, Liquor and other industries with high traceability requirements.​

Systems Logic Overview

Bringing over 50 years of hands-on experience; the Systems Logic, Warehouse Management Software team continues to apply their tremendous proficiency of business process improvements to warehouse management industry. Previously as a consulting firm; our team attended warehouses, third party logistics providers and distribution locations with process improvements and operation organization in order to succeed in the industry. At that point in time we noticed a major weak point in the industry which affected and currently affects warehouses today – the current management software. Thus, our turn-key warehouse management system, Wireless Warehouse in a Box™ was created, inhabiting the ability to be tailored based on every day and unique roadblocks — effectively transforming your warehouse with superior software, top of the line hardware, and effective improvements heightening your overall mobility, visibility, efficiency and accuracy.

As the Pioneers of Visual Pick Technology, we have developed the most effective and intuitive inventory management software solution available for product locating and identification using visual imagery. From a mapped graphical display of your warehouse and highlighted areas that need to be picked to images of the products and their details and unique specifications all on the mobile device. We understand the importance of mobility when managing inventory; and to accomplish this, we have incorporated over 85% of the inventory system directly on the handheld in a user-friendly, easy to learn software solution.

Our capabilities are much more than just managing your warehouse.
We ensure that your warehouse is prepared for growth and success.

Customer Dedication
Strong relationships and trust with our customers are our priority. We target towards determining business requirements and exceeding standard expectations in solutions and support.

Integrity Driven
We take pride in supplying our customers with the most intuitive and robust solutions available providing continuous operational up-time. Our team is determined to provide the assurance imperative to your success.

Inventory accuracy, efficiency and traceability are the capabilities we are compelled to provide to you. Performance enabling your warehouse is why we are in the business. We want to watch you succeed.

New and proven solutions tailored to meet your needs derived of your specific weak points. In addition, we are always looking outside of the box in regards to applying future value to warehouse software solutions.

Systems Logic KPIs

Your Revolutionary turn-key Warehouse Management Software capable of providing you with complete power and control over your warehouse.

Increases your Inventory Accuracy to
Reduce Labor and Increase Efficiency by
Real-Time Visibility of your Warehouse

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“We have identified accuracy of over 98%, streamlined reporting/billing functions and a standardization process throughout our business model.”

D+S Distribution Inc.

“Our 1st WWIAB inventory resulted in an accuracy rate of 99.9933%. And even better, the outside auditors … noted that their time could be better spent at other facilities.”

United Global Logistics

“Wireless Warehouse in a Box, WMS system has brought accuracy and visibility to our warehouse, and helped us to open doors to new customers…”

Canadian Portable Structures Ltd.

“…Your Proposal, your business model and your approach to our solution was professional, well documented, well researched…”

Native Stone

“We definitely feel our business relationship with Systems Logic has enabled us to better prepare ourselves for the marketplace…”