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Food and Beverage Industry Vertical

A Robust WMS Solution for a Changing Industry
Manage Inventory that have a shelf life?
Manage Inventory measured by weight?
Inaccurate Inventory and not in real-time?
Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Industry Vertical

Consumers purchased food several times a week to provision themselves for meals that they eat several times a day. As a result, food and beverage establishments must maintain and turn over their inventory more quickly and frequently than other warehouses. Our WMS, Wireless Warehouse In A Box™ has been developed with this in mind assuring that our solution is capable of managing your rapid turnover and achieving customer demand. This solution allows you to  add specific details to each product; allowing you to track expiration, weights, etc. multiple times a day.

Considering the importance in traceability when handling inventory with expiry dates and unique requirements, warehouses need to ensure that these expectations are met in order to maintain product integrity. To enhance this control over inventory, the team at Systems Logic can help, offering a turn-key warehouse management solution capable of more than any other typical WMS software.

Food and Beverage and WMS Software work hand-in-hand ensuring continuous compliant inventory management and an efficient warehouse.

This solution provides you with state of the art traceability; allowing you to track and trace all movements in and out of your facility. This is handy when you need to back track through previous steps it is a clear view for you to see what exactly happened. Food and beverage customers are looking for ways to retain and keep track of their products freshness from a food safety and efficiency perspective. Warehouse management systems aren’t only able to provide a closer look into their products helping determine shipment requirements but they can assist in the event of an emergency recall by quickly providing inventory locations and shipment information enabling you to return products accordingly. In addition to being able to locate customer inventory quickly and efficiently, our warehouse software is able to improve on your storage space utilization due to a quicker fulfillment process. Having less inventory in the warehouse decreases holding costs drastically.

Wireless Warehouse In A Box™ has visual material handling capability which allows your employees to have a visual map of where the product is located. We also provide photo validation with provides a picture of the product that you are looking for. These functions save lots of time and money.

WMS Benefits for Food & Beverage

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No matter what type of service you provide — Contract, Public, Cold Storage, etc., Our Warehouse Management Software has been designed for adaptability and tailoring based on each individual business requirement.

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