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Version 8 Release, Includes Multi-Language!
The Systems Logic team would like to thank you for another fantastic year of success at the industry’s newest expo for the manufacturing and supply chain industry – We’ve enjoyed our chance to interact with you!

Wireless Warehouse In A Box now Multi-Language

Recently, the Systems Logic team released version 8 of their Warehouse Management Software, Wireless Warehouse in a Box™. In this version, we are delighted to announce that it now includes complete multi-language capability on the mobile devices.

Interested in learning more about the latest version of our Warehouse Management System, Wireless Warehouse In A Box™? Click here

Simplifying warehouse operations and eliminating everyday roadblocks

This new feature will permit all warehouse associates to work in their native language! As a leading warehouse software provider, Systems Logic continues to compose and launch intuitive management technology. As a team of warehouse experts who’s prime goal is to ensure customer value, we strive towards delivering the cutting edge of products and service to our clients.

In addition, Version 8 has been completely redesigned in order to provide you an enhanced user interface using detailed icons and clear, concise information to streamline user recognition and acknowledgement.